IBPM WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT: All what you need to know.
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IBPM WORKFLOW MANAGEMENT: All what you need to know.

Workflow management is the process of creating and optimizing workflows to boost your team’s coordination and efficiency. But what’s a workflow?

A workflow is a series of activities that you complete to achieve a specific goal or result. For example, the process of recruiting new employees is a workflow. That workflow includes activities such as creating a job description, sourcing talent, screening applicants, etc.

BYB allows you to ensure this in few minutes as you can see below :

Workflow management is actually a subset of business process management.

The main difference between them is that:

  • Workflow management focuses on organizing people or instructions to ensure that you follow the correct steps for a task.
  • On the other hand, business process management is a high-level approach that focuses on coordinating all business processes in a company to improve efficiency. 

how do you implement workflow management?

By using workflow management system which may be our  software BYB that  helps automate and manage your workflows and tasks easily as you can see in BYB’s main interface.

Why do you need it?

1.Streamlined processes: workflow management, you map out the processes in a specific workflow to get a high-level overview. You’ll be able to spot unnecessary or repeatable processes that just waste your team’s time and productivity. 

     2. Reduced manual work and human error: Using a spreadsheet for this is a manual process — where you have to spend time manually updating the file each day! 

Not only is this tedious and time-consuming, but it also increases the potential for human error. From wrong deadlines to misspelled task names, there’s a lot that can go wrong. But with a workflow management system, you can automate such processes. 

3. Better transparency and accountability: Most workflow management systems highlight all the data related to a workflow clearly. 

For example, a project management software shows you: 

What tasks your team needs to do

      When should each one be finished?

      Who’s assigned to a specific task

And as you’ll know who is responsible for a particular activity, there’ll be better accountability throughout the team. Say goodbye to micromanaging your team!

4. Effective communication

When there’s better visibility over what to do, it’s easy to have everyone on the same page about the task or project. This helps team members better understand each other’s concerns and questions quickly.

Additionally, workflows make it super easy to keep track of each team member’s tasks. 

5. Easy scalability 

Each time a new employee completes a step, the tool automatically guides them to the next step in the process. Additionally, in an automated workflow, tasks no longer fully depend on any individual. 

How to Implement Workflow Management In 4 Simple Steps?

  1. Determine repetitive processes

As your goal is to create an automated workflow, the first step is to identify repeatable processes in your workflow.

  • Identify who’s responsible for each stage and visualize the workflow

You need to identify the people accountable for each stage to clarify roles and responsibilities. This way, you’ll also know what information someone needs to complete the task quickly and the quickest way to go about this is to use a workflow diagram.

  • Train your team

Help your team understand how the workflow management system will make their lives much simpler. 

  • Implement the workflow

Once your team’s comfortable with the new processes, you need to implement the workflow. 


Workflow management is a surefire way to boost your team’s productivity. 

And if you’re looking to implement it, just use the process we listed here to get started quickly. 

Luckily, all you need is a powerful workflow tool as BYB (Boost Your Business) to automate and manage your tasks. From helping you assign tasks to track workflow progress, Our workflow application can handle whatever you throw at it. 

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