How our low-code IBPM platforms BYB can support intelligent business process management.
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How our low-code IBPM platforms BYB can support intelligent business process management.

The potential for low code/no-code platforms is gigantic.  The low code increases the productivity of the developers – sometimes for several orders of magnitude. And no-code strengthens experts and submissions mainly on the business or operating side (as opposed to) become « citizen developers ».

How to choose from the wide range of low-code and non-code platforms, how should organizations find the best options for their specific needs? And what are the application cases for using multiple low-end/no-code code platforms?

In this first installment, we focus on a low code/no code in connection with IBPM.

What is iBPM ?

In simple terms, intelligent BPM goes a leap beyond traditional BPM and builds a dynamic technology environment based on value-added knowledge work.

iBPM combines business process management (BPM) with artificial intelligence (AI) to create dynamic, start-to-finish, workflow experiences quickly via a cloud-based platform and low-code tools.

BPM intelligence is present in many forms: Digitization of trade rules, intelligent virtual assistants and more and more mining processes. A BPM solution will include fully automatic robot process automation of sub-processes for recurring tasks that do not require automatic human interventions and tasks attributed to the participants. So, more and more RPA are part of the complete Smart BPM platform.

What is the relation between Low code/non-code and IBPM?

Process iBPM low-code / no-code platforms:

  1. Modeling the workflow or process.
  2.  UX or screens of the user for human participants.
  3.  Process analysis panels, for continuous improvement.

There are other components for the complete IBPM low code/no-code platform – such as decision-making, integration and data model.

When human participants, such as chef, Requester, etc, are involved in a particular workflow, our low-code/no-code BPM BYB modeling also supports the creation of UI forms to enable that interaction, and these are pretty easy to model.  This « Drag and Drop » paradigm of the official user experience is generally and similarly and altogether on all the low code platforms and without code supported Web or Mobile Applications. The following figure shows a simple BYB user experience designer. There will be things like button, input fields, derivate, images, etc. The items will then be associated with the properties or fields in the business process being modeled and automated.


IBPM Low Code/No Code Recommendations

Why is important for organizations to model, automate, monitor and improve their business processes without coding? Organization is a collection of business processes for production, marketing, sales, service and support functions. So, optimizations and improvements of the most critical processes will enhance productivity, reliability, availability, increased performance, and reduced operating costs. Moving to lights-out operations yields a good return on investment.

We suggest to Prioritize your improvements: There will usually be many critical and support processes that will require improvement. By balancing the implementation of a commercial value, you will identify the low-hanging fruit.

In other words, you need to understand what treats your transaction data and then improve them. This is exactly the domain of process mining. Do not automate bad processes.

it is also a management discipline for operational excellence. For organizations that use this method, it is a good idea to be a competency center that align innovation with the low code/NO code of IBPM with the best safety and reliability of best practices so that non-technical subjects can take advantage of the IBPM low code/no code and become participants in development and dominate the continuous improvement of the process mine for automation.

Fortunately, everything you need is a powerful workflow tool like BYB (Boost Your Business) to automate and manage your tasks.

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